Manipulating a rigged skeleton is a strange experience. The movement of the human anatomy seems so complex and organic yet when rotating joints and interpolating motion it is surprising how quickly a convincing gesture can be formed, even if it is still easy to conjure a gesticulating mess from some dark depth of the uncanny valley.

For a technical arts module I have been working in Maya 2015 to learn the basics of scripting and rigging. These topics fascinate me and the interface between art and maths is where I would love to find myself working in the years to come. A small script I created veering away from the module tutorial would randomise control joints in order to create weird and brilliant monsters. Scripting is extremely powerful and I am excited to explore it further.

Physics is also a strange and wonderful thing. Very simple simulations can produce mesmerising results. Having spent the passed few months in Unity adjusting the way a sphere rolls around it makes it clear how easy the mind is to entertain. The prototype has the player roll a ball around with a skull floating ahead of it. The skull will bob up and down and the plan is to begin randomising its proportions and features.


The promise of being able to rig characters and manipulate them in a physics environment makes my thoughts go wild with possibility. Hopefully combining these two skills will create some fun and surprising experiences. I just returned from the Charged Hearts game jam where so many interesting iterations on a simple theme were created.

Our game was almost an anti-rhythm game where the beat of various hearts were dictated by your success and cooperation (players could join using QR Codes found around the exhibition). It is the first jam I have participated in as part of an exhibition and I cannot wait for another. It is definitely the most fun and collaborative I have felt in a while.