Forgotten concepts

Recently I have been working full time and I often spend my morning commute coming up with new concepts for video games which I would like to see created. I carry a notebook with me and write down as many as I can but the few that I don’t take note of will slip my mind come evening, lost forever. I have considered using my phone to take notes as it is more accessible and have toyed with various apps but none have the same responsiveness and freedom of paper.

Maybe in a few years there will be some kind of e-paper capable of producing results as tangible as physical mediums but for now I just have to scurry for my notebook and hope I threw it into my bag before the commute. The ideas which make it to paper are almost always focused heavily on either narrative/atmosphere or mechanics/gameplay. I think maybe I have a hard time meshing the two together as a world becomes suddenly constricted when it has to be wrapped around a mechanics, vice versa, a mechanic often feels lacking when supporting a narrative.

The times that I do sit down at my laptop and create something small it is always improvised and usually detached from any previous ideas. I need to find a way to bridge the gap between conception and creation. I guess as someone more focused on the technical side in terms of skills I have a hard time making anything look visually interesting within the first few hours. Having recently followed the incredibly inspiring work of Josiah Munsey over at forgotten passages I am extremely keen to begin rapid prototyping more visually oriented experiences.

I guess I would love an easy way to sketch interactive ideas while on the go. Some kind of little big planet on my phone. If there is something out there already I have certainly not come across it but would be hugely interested to try it out. Along the same lines I picked up SunVox, a tiny – but complex – synth tracker which has produced some incredible results and has an interface to die for. I also began testing for rapid, portable web development. I created this small fan teaser site for the upcoming Mineko’s Night Garden.

Here is a small array of glitchy screens I stumbled upon when doing various things over the past months. It always fills me with awe when computers create broken things. I can imagine the glitched visuals of very early oscilloscopes being wonderful. Maybe I should create some kind of AI that seeks out broken things somehow. I guess it would need to use character recognition in some obscure fashion to find words that have been dissected or mangled.