Cosmic Sacrifice

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 11.35.23I managed to wake up during the tail end of the GodJamIt game jam, the counter on the page sitting at around one hour thirty minutes remaining. I had recently come across Processing and decided this would be the perfect chance to flex my rapid prototyping muscles and produce something micro for the jam within the constrained time limit.

For a while now the concept of Hamurabi has been milling about my head and I have wanted to create a similar resource management game with very basic interaction. Using one of the “modifiers” (theme-extensions) from the list on the jam page, The Sacrifice, I decided to scale the King managing a City scope of Hamurabi to incorporate a God managing the Universe.

The game turned out to be very strange and unfinished, obviously, but it gives a gist of the fast-paced system I would want to have as the core mechanic. Currently it is brutally difficult but I am extremely pleased with the small procedural star generator I created in the final five minutes of the jam. You can mess around with the code for it in a separate toy sketch:

I need to refine many components of the game but for the constrained time frame and the simple fact that I had never used Processing before I am extremely pleased with the final outcome which can be played here: It is being hosted on open processing meaning you can tweak and edit the code to your heart’s content!